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My First Vacation

Well, I just got back from my first vacation ever. And now I'm sick with a cold. Mom's sick with a cold and Dad's sick with a cold. I guess you could say that it took a lot out of us. I had fun, but I'm glad to be home. Check out the pictures on this page and my journal for more stuff about my trip.

DSC00037.JPG (96086 bytes)

Here I am in a cabin in Bryson City, NC, with my cousin Travis and my nanny.

Travis.JPG (96086 bytes)

Same cabin, here again with Travis.

crawfish.JPG (96086 bytes)

My first crawfish boil at my grandparents' house in Bogalusa, LA

cow1.JPG (96086 bytes)

I visited the cows and they were friendly at first.

cow2.JPG (96086 bytes)

But then the bull butted us, but he was just playing.

MORE TO COME (when the pictures get developed. Check back here soon!)

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